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Nancy our BREATHWORK facilitator

Nancy from Breathe Strength


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Nancy has always had an extreme passion for natural health and well-being. After first experiencing the power of breathwork during a retreat she attended 10 years ago, she used this technique to alleviate her anxiety struggles during a traumatic marriage breakdown. She was absolutely astounded how this powerful transformational technique was able to release negative emotional energy and was able to bridge a deep physical and spiritual connection just through breathing consciously. Breathwork saved her life. Nancy has two breathwork teacher certifications and also in sound healing. She is currently extending her knowledge in energy blockage and healing studying to be a certified practitioner in Spinal Flow.

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Nancy furthered her practice and study of breathwork and sound healing, she felt this was a beautiful way to align herself with purpose, bringing her great fulfilment to share and help others through breathwork.  She has been facilitating group and one on one sessions for the past year from her private home studio and at the Inna Essence studio in Underwood.

Nancy has two beautiful teenage daughters and works fulltime as an event coordinator, her dreams are to bring more stillness and peace into many people’s lives.

Breathwork is a powerful way to consciously connect holistically to your body, opening channels for emotional, mental and physical healing, reducing anxiety, stress and depression this session will positively change your life.

Nancy will guide you through a series of simple breathing techniques and meditation to allow you to connect with your life force energy and divine consciousness through breath and sound.

Bec our expressive ARTWORK facilitator

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Bec is a vibrant artist who loves creating unique artwork that empowers emotion, enhances moods and enriches peoples lives. For over 16 years, Bec has been head honcho of her own art and graphic design studio itsabec. She is mum to two boys and fur baby girl, and a loving partner to a golf professional. Plus for the past three years Bec has been renovating their family home amongst the treetops, one mural at a time.

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Bec loves hosting special events within her artful home, as well as personally facilitating the ART session.

For the retreat, over a period of 1.5 hours, Bec will be guiding participants to use the powerful energy conjured during the day to create an artwork that reflects and empowers the individual.

As part of the healing process, participants will be guided through the expressive method of painting intuitively from the heart in order to unleash your creative side.

Remember, there’s zero need for any art experience or skills. Simply bring an open mind and Bec will be as attentive, and as hands-on as possible to help you create an artwork that resonates deeply with you personally, helping provide active healing and a visual reminder of your unique journey.

Marielle our SELF DIRECTED HEALING facilitator

Marielle from New Phase Healing


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Marielle is a certified Self Directed Healing Practitioner who has undergone training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. For the past nine years, she turned her mess into her mission, wading through the dark, trying to find a way out of her self-imposed prison and now she has a passion to help others to do the same minus the complications. Sandi has completed 110 hours Meditation Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra She is a Member of the Meditation Association of Australia Sandi is a Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher and is more than happy to provided One on one mentoring available on request.

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Marielle acknowledges that we all have personal experiences whether they are recent or from the past, that create discomfort within us, either on a conscious or subconscious level.

Self Directed Healing is a game-changer in healing unresolved wounds and trauma that often unknowingly get trapped in the body, even when we have done the work on the level of the mind.

It works to improve your mental and emotional health on multiple levels by creating breakthrough relief on the mind, body and emotions simultaneously.

Self Directed Healing is a simple, fast, measurable technique that gets long-lasting results, helping you to let go of self-limiting blocks and patterns that hold you back from living in your true essence.

Sandi our NON LINEAR MOVEMENT METHOD facilitator

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Sandi is a Brisbane based meditation teacher. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She teaches people how to connect with their inner peace, release blocked energy in the body and live a connected life. She is passionate about self-empowerment. Her methods teach you how to reconnect to your inner self. The beautiful, creative, magnificent being inside us all. Sandi has completed 110 hours Meditation Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra. She is a Member of the Meditation Association of Australia. Sandi is a Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher and is more than happy to provided One on one mentoring available on request.

One on one mentoring available on request.

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Non Linear Movement Method (NLMM) is an inquiry based somatic movement practice. This absolutely non-force method of “moving what you are feeling” sensitizes the practitioner to their inner landscape. The practice is done to music, mostly on the hands and knees. This position allows people to feel safe, grounded and free to move the areas that commonly hold tension. Very little instruction is given allowing the body to unfold and discover what is needed. This provides the opportunity to regain natural bodily intelligence, release tension, soothe the nervous system and open the way to more pleasure and aliveness. NLMM has been used successfully as a trauma release therapy by gently opening the freeze pattern which allows for release to happen.

NLMM is facilitated on a mat or blanket. Participants dress similar to a Yoga or Dance Class, in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

The method can be practiced at any age, fitness level and mobility. The movements are designed to be self regulating and can be done in any position, including laying down.

Jess our NOURISHED BY NATURE happy go lucky gal behind the scenes

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Jess is a wife and homeschooling mumma of two young children, who traded the hustle and bustle of suburbia for a slow and connected lifestyle on acreage near beautiful Tamborine Mountain. Passionate about preserving and protecting the environment, Jess leads by example for her children through living a conscious and low chemical lifestyle, teaching them the importance of living in balance and harmony with nature. Jess is in the early stages of planning out her property to grow her own food, raise chickens and live more self sustainably using permaculture methods, and is excited to expand her passion for sharing and inspiring healthy connected living for our children and future generations to come.

Wellness Ambassador
Kangen Water Distributor

a smidge more about JESS..

Jess’ wellness journey first began when she found herself 22kg overweight and suffering from gripping chest pains at the age of 22.

Realising things needed to change, Jess slowly began to empower herself and transform her junk food lifestyle to heal her body.

Overcoming inflammation, discomfort and dis-ease within her body, Jess discovered the importance of health, and now helps other women transform their health, fall in love with taking care of themselves, and heal their bodies through nutrition and nourishment of the mind, body and spirit.

Since becoming a mother and experiencing firsthand the importance of filling one’s own cup, Jess holds women connection and walking groups to provide busy mummas and women the much needed time to replenish themselves, so they can then fill the cup of the ones they love most.


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