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Breathwork is a powerful way to consciously connect holistically to your body, opening channels for emotional, mental and physical healing, reducing anxiety, stress and depression this session will positively change your life! Nancy will guide you through a series of simple breathing techniques and meditation to allow you to connect with your life force energy and divine consciousness through breath and sound.

Self Directed Healing (SDH) is a non invasive process that helps people improve mindset, process emotional challenges effectively and solidify self worth.

It has been discovered, that if you change blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs on the mental, emotional and physical levels  the belief is changed completely. SDH creates rapid and pin pointed emotional release for deep healing.

SDH enables you to rewire the neural pathways and clear all blocked emotion in the body so that the debilitating locks, blocks and triggers that your clients have lived with all their lives are replaced with beliefs and feelings that enable them to live un-limited.

As part of the healing process, participants will be incorporating a favourite childhood photo of themselves as the central point of an artwork. Previously we created a mandala, a circular patterned artwork that will grow and flourish outwards across the canvas, however next time we are opening up to more self expression, using different painting techniques, including colours, shapes and patterns that resonate personally to the creator. Thereby, allowing each individual to reconnect to their inner child, acknowledge inherent gifts, re-writing their timeline to step into a future with greater confidence and heart connection.
Remember, there’s zero need for any art experience or skills. Simply bring an open mind and Bec will help you create an artwork that resonates deeply with you, helping provide active healing and a visual reminder of your personal journey.

NLMM is an inquiry based somatic movement practice. This absolutely non-force method of “moving what you are feeling” sensitizes the practitioner to their inner landscape. The practice is done to music, mostly on the hands and knees. This position allows people to feel safe, grounded and free to move the areas that commonly hold tension. Very little instruction is given allowing the body to unfold and discover what is needed. This provides the opportunity to regain natural bodily intelligence, release tension, soothe the nervous system and open the way to more pleasure and aliveness. NLMM has been used successfully as a trauma release therapy by gently opening the freeze pattern which allows for release to happen.

NLMM is facilitated on a mat or blanket. Participants dress similar to a Yoga or Dance Class, in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

The method can be practiced at any age, fitness level and mobility. The movements are designed to be self regulating and can be done in any position, including laying down.